Race & Religious a New Orleans Wedding Venue

New Orleans is a city unlike any other – from the rich history to the vibrant culture, it’s a wonderfully unique place to get married.

I got the opportunity to capture a content day in New Orleans and before traveling to this southern gem I had no idea that there were different districts to the city or that there was music on almost every block.

While some may opt for a beach or mountain setting, others prefer a place that is full of culture, charm, and love. If you fall into the latter category, then New Orleans is the perfect city for your special day. Not only is it a beautiful and vibrant place, but it is also rich in history, art, and vibrant energy.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that captures the city’s quirky and fun-loving spirit, Race and Religious should definitely be on your list of venues to consider.

Nestled in the heart of the lower Garden District, Race & Religious is a unique venue with a rich history that beautifully captures the essence of New Orleans. The building’s ornate details, exposed brick walls, and vintage décor make it an unforgettable location for any event. From weddings and social gatherings to photo shoots and film productions, Race & Religious has been a go-to spot for creatives and soon to be married couples alike.

What makes this venue particularly special is its ability to seamlessly blend modern touches with traditional elements, while holding true to its cultural roots.

It is a place that truly celebrates the vibrant and diverse history of New Orleans, and invites you to be part of that experience.

After filling the bricked walls and versatile rooms with vintage antiques with the help of a local antique purveyor, the antiquarian was in need of a wedding venue.

She desired to be surrounded by their finds within the private property so she celebrated the first wedding at Race and Religious.

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Since then Race and Religious has been host to countless weddings each special and novel in its own way.

If you’re a couple that’s interested in traveling to this glowing city and holding your wedding here, consider Moira Grace Photography for your photography needs so that you can do the vibrancy and joy of your day justice.

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Beyond the venue itself there are places around the city that you can capture your portaits. You could do a second line which is the classic jazz parade that follows you around for the day.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your day just remember to make it unique to you and your partner, Happy Planning!

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