7 Ways to make the most of your Engagement Photos

You’re engaged! Whooo congratulations!! You’ve celebrated and you’re ready to continue this celebration by capturing your love with your engagement photos. If you don’t already have your photographer feel free to look around and fill out my contact form to learn more about my process.

Woman pops champagne in engagement celebration

Your photos should be a continuation of your celebration, an experience. I like to do things differently than other photographers,I don’t just want to take your photos I want you to experience something and someone you already love and have me follow along for the ride to document that.

Engagement photos

This is your love story, so let me tell it the way you enjoy it. Your engagement photos, your way. Don’t allow the pressures of others, society, or social media to get in the way of enjoying this time and enjoying your photos.

Couple leans in for a kiss

Now as your photographer, I will take care of poses but here are 11 ideas for your engagement photos that you can implement for the best experience.

1. Book with an experienced professional photographer

Now maybe this is an obvious tip, but your photographer should be able to answer certain questions to give you security and provide the experience you desire. Now a premium experience comes at a premium price but with this investment, you have photos that will last a lifetime, you don’t have to worry about if your photographer has insurance, they’ll have contracts to protect you and themselves legally (just in case!), they’ll know how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, they’ll have backups of your photos, and they’ll provide an overall smoother experience.

engagement photos with Moira Grace Photography

2. Make an experience of it

You can absolutely get the classic poses that you desire but add a little spice by choosing a fun destination or doing a fun activity e.g. climbing your favorite mountain and popping a bottle of champagne or flying to your favorite location in Europe to ride around on a Vespa.

Parisian inspired engagement photoshoot

3. Dress the heck up

Okayyy we got the foundation of a good photographer, we got the feeling good, now we need the looking good. Want to take good photos? Feel your best. Get that dress that cinches your waist just right, and have him wear his best-fitting pants with that Gucci watch. Have your hair done, nails done, ALL of it!

Not sure what to wear? Click HERE to read my 7 tips on what to wear to your engagement photos.

black couple engagement photos

4. Make a day out of it

Don’t work the day of your engagement photos, take that day off. Use that day to prepare and feel rested up so you’re not rushing around to get there on time. Pamper yourself. Especially if you’re traveling abroad, make a weekend or even a week out of it!

luxury high end designer shoes

5. Date each other

Continue the fun of the day with plans to eat out, and reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, heck you’re already dressed up might as well make the most out of it 💃

fancy luxury dinner

6. Play the waiting game

Now, this isn’t the most fun part but being patient with your photographer will take pressure off of them so they can focus on your photos. They are editing them, they do care, and they’re just as excited as you are to give you your photos. Turnaround time can typically vary from 2-4 weeks in the slow season and 3-7 weeks in the photographer’s busy season. Sometimes shorter or longer!

photographer edits photos

7. Communication is 🗝️

Last but defiantly not least, communicate with your photographer. If you’d like some adjustments let her know, if you adore every bit of your photos, Let. Her. Know. This will nearly guarantee you the results you ultimately desire from your photos.

engagement photos in mountains

Go out and have the best photos!! Be confident in your photographer, and in yourself, and have a good time!

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