How to dress for your engagement photos

Congratulations on saying YESSS! Now, maybe you’re not sure where to start with what to wear for your engagement photos but let’s find a way to say yes to your outfit and feel confident about yourself and your photos!

Whether you’re an expert in this subject or have no clue where to begin I assure you you’ll take something away from this post. Let’s assemble an outfit that you’ll love.

Hands holding with engagement ring

Here are 7 Questions to help you narrow down your selection, define your style, and give you the best sense of what to wear for your engagement photos.

1. What’s your style?

Do you prefer wearing an aline gown or do you prefer a more business casual look with slacks and a trench coat? Whatever your style consider adding layers to your style. A suit jacket over your business chic look, or elbow-length gloves with a delicate feminine dress.

Style can be defined by your preference, lifestyle, what’s in your closet, and many other factors. Try refining your style with the top 3 words that come to mind, or ask your fiancé or a good friend to give you 3 defining words.

2. What’s your color?

You have an undertone to your skin, you’re either a warm, cool, or neutral undertone. Here are 2 links to help you figure out your skin undertone and This will give you an idea of what to wear colorwise and for your jewelry too. If you have chosen your wedding color scheme you could tie that color into your engagement photos too.

wedding invitation

3. What should your fiancé wear?

So as not to be too matching and end up looking like an outdated family portrait, use complimentary colors or different shades of the same color. Here’s a simple complimentary color wheel example. The color directly across from the other is that colors complimentary color. So Green and Red, Purple and Yellow, and Blue and Orange are all colors that complement one another.

color wheel

4. Where are you going?

Are you taking photos on top of a mountain? Or do you prefer sitting in a comfy coffee shop? Are you walking thru an art gallery? Wherever you go take the surroundings into consideration. Now you can dress in clothes for hiking and always bring a change for your engagement photos.

couple cuddles on mountain top

5. What are you doing?

If you’re riding a Vespa across a french courtyard chances are you’ll want to wear a dress that will stay down to cover your underwear. Keep an eye out for my post on how to get the BEST engagement photos and get the most out of your session!

couple celebrates engagement with champagne

6. What’s the weather like?

Now you can always wear a big coat over your fancy dress for frolicking thru the snow but if you want to you could wear fluffy coats together, or walk around in your bathing suits as you ride a catamaran boat and relax on the trampoline net. Or you could just get in the waves with your full-length dress.

couple kiss in the ocean

7. What’s your Photographers style?

Your photographer has a style when looking at their portfolio if they have a warmer tone to their photos if may be better to wear deeper earthier tones, and if they have a light and airy appearance then it may be better to wear pastel tones. You can always ask your photographer for help as well! With a professional and experienced photographer, they’ll be able to provide you with ample information and examples of what to wear.

well-dressed couple dances together

My clients receive an outfit guide and if desired a visual storyboard with an outfit planned out for them.

engagement outfit idea
Outfit Inspiration

At the end of the day, wear what you want, break the rules, love what you wear, and have fun! These are your engagement photos, go minimal or go big and bold. These tips are simply suggestions and not rules that must be followed.

If you’re looking for your photographer still please reach out, I’d love to hear from you! You can reach me by filling out my contact form HERE. Want to see more tips from me? Follow along on Social Media:




Thanks for reading!

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