What’s your love language?


As a wedding photographer, I love love. But do you know there are many ways people can feel loved there are 5 main love languages that humans enjoy experiencing and showing? I want you to feel loved throughout your Moira Grace Photography experience and hey this can be a great tool to use with your partner, too! 

Included in this post are the 5 different love languages and at the end is a link to take a quiz to figure out what love language you are.

What are the 5 Love languages?

An excerpt from 5lovelanguages.com reads:

“The premise of The 5 Love LanguagesĀ® book is quite simple: different people with different personalities give and receive love in different ways. By learning to recognize these preferences in yourself and in your loved ones, you can learn to identify the root of your conflicts, connect more profoundly, and truly begin to grow closer.”

Here are the 5 different types of love languages

Cup of coffee as Acts of Service love language

1. Acts of Service

Hands holding

2. Physical Touch

Mom talking to her daughter

3. Words of Affirmation

Man giving flowers to his fiance

4. Receiving Gifts

fiance couple walking together

5. Quality Time

Now that you know the 5 different love languages, which one are you? Find out by taking this quick online test HERE

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