How to create your wedding timeline

If you’re recently engaged or have been engaged for a while now you’re most likely a little overwhelmed with the whole process and the timeline for your wedding day is just another thing to do. Not to worry! Getting your timeline together will help you envision your day and nail down a few things you do or don’t want.

a sample of a wedding timeline

A sample timeline

I created this simple and beautiful timeline using a template

Creating a timeline is really asking yourself some pointed questions or having a vendor like myself ask those questions for you and create your dream day. If you’ve hired a professional planner they should be able to help you with your timeline, having your photographer help you is another option as sometimes the planner has to ask the photographer what their timeline for photos looks like anyways. You want to make sure you prioritize what matters most to you, create a wedding timeline that leaves enough time for the things you enjoy.

creating a wedding timeline helps you be stress-free and prioritize things you enjoy and love

Check out Brittany and Casey’s engagement photos on the beach HERE

Here are a few questions to help you with your wedding day timeline:

  • When are the bridesmaids arriving at the venue? If there’s a location at the venue for them to get ready in then have them arrive a little earlier to make sure everyone is there on time for hair and makeup
  • How long will hair and makeup take? Schedule so that there’s a pillow of time between the end of hair & makeup and the time the photos will begin (it’s okay to have everyone finishing up with h&m while the photographer arrives as they’ll most likely be taking the time you’re finishing up to capture photos of your wedding details)
  • When are the groomsmen going to be at the venue? Maybe have their arrival time be a little earlier than the time you want them to be there, just in case 😉
  • Are you going to have a first look? If you want to knock out some photos before the ceremony the only way to do that is to have a first look

If you want to prioritize dancing then make time for it on YOUR day!

Overall it’s your day and you’re allowed to pick and choose what makes you and your spouse to be happy! If you’re looking for timeline help feel free to message me on Instagram HERE or fill out a contact form HERE

As a Moira Grace Photography Bride, you will get all the timeline help you need along with a custom-made timeline sent to you. To become a Moira Grace Bride and hire me start the process by filling out a contact form HERE today! I can’t wait to hear about all your wedding details and make the timeline for your dream wedding

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