9 Raleigh Engagement Photo Locations

Raleigh, North Carolina has a lot to offer for engagement photos. With beautiful gardens, trendy coffee shops, and the industrial downtown area there is plenty to choose from for your Raleigh Engagement photos. Here are 5 options to choose from for your engagement photos. Pick one or mix and match hopping from one location to the next.


1. City Market

Raleigh City Market at night

City Market at night (c) SolesTraveling

Night or day, Raleigh City Market has a classy and timeless look about it. For more details about this Raleigh, Engagement Location visit HERE

Raleigh City Market during the day

City Market during the day (c) sometimeshome.com

2. Dortha Dix Park

woman in sunflower field at dorthea dix park raleigh north carolina

Dorthea Dix Park during Summer (c) Moira Grace Photography

Dorthea Dix Park is located directly outside of downtown Raleigh, you can visit year-round for views of the city skyline while having a picnic or visit during the summer to capture some sunflower engagement photos. For more information visit HERE

view of raleigh skyline from dorthea dix park

View of Raleigh skyline from Dorthea Dix park (c) dorotheadixpark.org

3. Raleigh Rose Garden

rose garden in raleigh north carolina

Raleigh Rose Garden (c) raleighlittletheatre.org

This gorgeous Rose Garden is located in Raleigh next to Raleigh Little Theater. Their website says this about the roses “As a good rule of thumb, the roses are typically in bloom between Mother’s Day and the first hard freeze of the season, normally around mid-November”. For more information about the Raleigh Rose Garden visit HERE

Trellis in Raleigh Rose Garden

Trellis in Raleigh Rose Garden (c) raleighlittletheatre.org

4. Morning Times Coffee


The Morning Times Coffee shop in downtown Raleigh North Carolina

The Morning Times (c) thisisraleigh.com

Morning times has a complimentary blend of red and mint green on the outside and lots of rustic natural oranges on the inside. For more information visit HERE

5. North Carolina Museum of Art

Couples engagement photos at Raleigh museum of art

Raleigh museum of Art (c) Moira Grace Photography

One of the most popular locations I’ve captured engagement photos at has to be Raleigh Museum of Art. My couples love this location for their engagement photos! For more information visit HERE

Couples engagement photos in Raleigh, North Carolina

Couples engagement photos in Raleigh (c) Moira Grace Photography

6. JC Arboretum

J.C. Arboretum in Raleigh North Carolina

Gazebo at J.C. Arboretum (c) wheretraveler.com

JC Arboretum is another beautiful option for beautiful garden and landscape views. Be careful to check the times for golden hour and the hours the park is open as there have been a few times the park was closed when I planned on going. For more information visit HERE

JC Arboretum in Raleigh North Carolina

JC Arboretum in Raleigh North Carolina (c) tclf.org

7. Idle Hour Coffee

Idle Hour Coffee in Raleigh North Carolina

Outdoor seating at Idle Hour (c) Idle Hour’s Facebook Page

Idle Hour Coffee has a minimalist with modern vibes and an industrial touch to it’s indoor and outdoor appearance. For more information visit HERE

Idle Hour Coffee in Raleigh

Idle Hour Coffee in Raleigh (c) raleigh.teddslist.com


8. Fred Fletcher Park

Couple walking during their engagement photos in fred fletcher park in raleigh north carolina

Flowering Trees line the sidewalks (c) Moira Grace Photography

Fred Fletcher Park has walkways lined with flowering trees and historic buildings perfect for your Raleigh Engagement Photos. For more information visit HERE

Couple dancing for their engagement photos at fred fletcher park in Raleigh north carolina

Couple Dancing for their engagment photos (c) Moira Grace Photography

9. Color Pop Corner

Color Pop Corner in Downtown Raleigh, NC

Color Pop Corner (c) downtownraleigh.org

This wall is so colorful and fun! It is just a backdrop though so you might want to plan another activity to go along with your engagement photos to make them a little more fun. For more information visit HERE


And that’s it for some of the best locations in Raleigh! Of course just walking around the city itself is very picture worthy but these locations add a bit of flair and personality to your Raleigh engagement photos. Of course with anywhere you visit please be respectful of the area and with some of these locations especially the coffee shops make sure to be courteous to the other customers around you.

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