Forest Engagement Photoshoot

Couple dip kissing in the forest Woman closes eyes as partner kisses her cheek

Photography Credits: Moira Grace Photography

Thinking of having your engagement session in the forest? More specifically the forests

in North Carolina. Here are a few survival tips and tricks to help everything run a little more smoothly.

forest engagement session couple walking in the forest for their engagement photoshoot fiance's sitting on a log for their engagement photoshoot

man holds fiance from behind, showing off her engagement ring

Forest Ridge Park

Pros: Golden light seeping through the trees, fairytale vibes, green foilage everywhere

(depending on the season),the fresh air, and a bonus you might see some neat animals

around or hear them (think bird song or a woodpecker).

Cons: the possibility of bugs, bug bites, poison ivy, humidity, extreme

temperatures (either hot or too cold depending on the season), dehydration, no bathrooms, and unpredictable lighting.


couple walking in fall leaves at the NC art museum couple laughing during fall photoshoot

Best way to prepare for your session in the woods/forest:

First, find a forest location you want to have your photos done at, then check the website for rules,

make sure to check if your photographer has all the permits for shooting at the location

if permits are required, check for fees if there are any, be aware of the parks opening and closing time,

Bring a water bottle, bug spray, watch out for bad plants/snakes, bring any extra

deodorant/anti persperant, plan for enough time for walking to your destination, wear

outfits appropriate for the season/weather, bring a cute umbrella if the weather calls for rain,

bring any props you might want to use, check sunset time go an hour or two before

sunset to get that golden hour, and bring a small snack if need be.


Ideas for Forest Sessions:

Strolling around the forest is fun enough, but if you would like to add a fun activity

to your forest engagement session or turn it into a date while your photographer catches it all

feel free to add a small campfire for s’mores, for fall fun have a leaf fight, have a picnic, climb a tree,

give your partner a piggyback ride, go on a bike ride, put up a cute tent, build a fort, go horseback riding, take a hike,

or if your photographer is up for it and has the right equipment do a photoshoot under the stars and go stargazing!

couple does airplane pose for their engagement photoshoot couple walks through the woods couple poses for their engagement photoshoot

Have fun planning your Forest Engagement Photoshoot! Stress shows, so overall try to go

with the flow and don’t freak out if things don’t go planned accordingly. The best

photographs happen when you’re having fun so if you’re not an outdoorsy kinda couple

don’t force yourselves to go outdoors and outside of your comfort zone for photos. The outdoors aren’t for everyone.

If you are a lover of the outdoors a forest session might be just what you’d like, but there

are also plenty of other outdoor locations for photoshoots so carefully consider them all

and find what best fits yours and your partner’s personalities!

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forest engagement session Couple walks through Forest forest engagement session

black and white photo of couple in forest Fall couple photoshoot black and white photo of couple in forest

Couple photoshoot in forest black and white photo of couple forest engagement session

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