Engagement Photoshoot Location Ideas In North Carolina

Engagement Photo Location Idea Forest Engagement Photo Location Idea Forest Engagement Photo Location Idea Forest Engagement Photo Location Idea Forest

Engagement Photoshoot couple walking

Neuse River Trail

Photo Credits: Moira Grace Photography

Here are a few ideas for your Engagement Photoshoot Location In North Carolina.

When it comes to finding the perfect location for your engagement session research

can get a little overwhelming. There’s either no information on the location you

want or too much information about stuff you don’t need. Hopefully, I can help out with ideas in finding the

right location for you while getting to share some of my favorites.

Stay tuned for my tips, tricks, pros, and cons for each of these locations!

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First is the forest-y feel. Most of my couples opt for this look for their engagement sessions.

Through scouting at various parks I’ve found that the Piedmont area of North Carolina

has some of the best forest locations for forest looks.

Engagement Photo Location Idea Downtown Engagement Photoshoot downtown Cary North Carolina couple splashing

Engagement Photoshoot couple kissing on couch Engagement Photo Location Idea Coffee Shop

When it comes to the feel of your engagement session, you really want to choose what best fits both of your personalities.

Are you more of a hike a mountain for those sunset views or a day on the town grabbing a cup of coffee kinda couple?

Above are downtown areas, one outside in the Townsquare fountain in Cary, North Carolina, and the other in a

local coffee shop in Greensboro called Full Bloom Coffee Roaster.

Whoever you go with as your wedding photographer should be able to recommend

a couple of spots for inspiration but ultimately the decision is up to you!

Engagement Photo Location Idea Mountains Engagement Photoshoot in mountains couple laughing

Next are the Mountains of North Carolina.

Blue Ridge Parkway has some of the best views of mountains, some of my favorite

hikes have been Craggy gardens and Black Balsam Knob. They both have given me sunset gold for photos!

Engagement Photoshoot couple walking through water Beach Engagement Photoshoot

Last but not least, if you can’t get enough of the ocean find a beach access and go

for a stroll on your favorite beach in North Carolina. Brittaney and Casey loved their

session at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina! I have yet to be disappointed by

a North Carolina beach! Wherever you live in North Carolina you can find good ideas

and locations by thinking of local restaurants, parks, hikes, coffee shops, arcades, sights,

attractions, events, and more. The ideas are endless. Decide where and when you want to go!


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