Beach Engagement Photoshoot Ideas

Photography Credits: Moira Grace Photography

Thinking of having your engagement session on the beach?

More specifically on the beaches of North Carolina? Here are a few survival tips

and tricks to help everything run a little more smoothly!

These tips can apply to other beach photoshoots too, but

my main experience is on North Carolina beaches.

Pros: The Ocean, wow factor, waves, plenty of sunshine, gorgeous sunsets, breezy winds that help bring your hair or clothes to life, fun memories, sand, being able to go barefoot easily, backgrounds that don’t take away from the subject (you!), great in the spring, summer, and fall, flexibility with time, perfect for pastel colors, and neutrals.

Cons: Really loud can be hard to hear directions from photographer, sand in unwanted places, sunburn, can be bland if your photographer doesn’t know-how to pose you or where to put you in the right placement, terrible parking, limited access for pets, business depending on season, and unwanted photobombs.

Best way to prepare for your session on the beach:

  • First, find the beach you want to have your photos done at, then check the area for rules, best parking to get to the location, and any warnings
  • Make sure to check if your photographer has all the permits for shooting at the location, keep in mind that some beaches have some no access spots
  • If permits are required, check for fees if there are any, be aware of the beaches opening and closing time if any!
  • Bring plenty of water especially with the sun beating down in the summer months, make sure to apply a non-oily sunscreen if you burn easily (non-oily so you don’t look odd in photos), deoderant, a snack just in case, your wallet to pay for parking, an extra outfit in case you get wet, and baby powder or cornstarch to remove sand afterward
  • Plan for enough time for walking to your destination, pack proper shoes for walking on the sand comfortably (and carry the ones you plan on wearing for the shoot)
  • Bring any props you might want to use (again be mindful of the habitat and environment around you, don’t use or leave behind any plastic confetti or other harmful objects that will be left around for animals to ingest)
  • Be mindful of what you pack to wear, depending on the season you may need a jacket in between shots due to the freezing wind, or a cool wet bandanna to cool down between shots! Bring something to provide shade if you’ll be shooting during the day or for an extended period of time.
  • Check sunset time on google for that day start shooting an hour or two before sunset to get that golden hour effect. For a more detailed sunset analysis download an app that will tell you about the golden hour, blue hour, and the position of the sun. Just remember EW, this is my favorite acronym to remember that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, if it helps bring a compass or download a compass app to find where the sun will be setting at your location. Your photographer should be aware of the sunset and possible sun glare if any.


Ideas for Beach Locations:

  • Bring a picnic date, sitting on the sand with some classic bottle of your favorite soda, some flowers, a fun snack to feed each other!
  • A sun umbrella to twirl above the 2 of you as you walk
  • Beach chairs, to sit with your back to your photographer and the ocean before you
  • Bubbles or sparklers. Be very careful with the second, prepare to have a safe and responsible way to expose of these
  • A blanket, to wrap around the both of you or sit on
  • Sandcastle supplies, to build a sandcastle together
  • Seashells to place around ring shots
  • If you want to get really adventurous, bring painting supplies and paint the scenery in front of you
  • Fresh flowers are always a good idea to bring along to any shoot
  • Bring an outfit you don’t mind getting dirty and sit on the edge of the waves for some romantic shots

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